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About us

In late 2018, OEA was founded to address the critical need for high-quality, dependable workforce solutions for Ohio companies, particularly among the New American population. Prior to OEA's establishment, there existed a two-fold challenge; on one hand, Ohio's newer communities often viewed their limited English-language proficiency and cultural differences as hindrances to achieving success in the workplace, while on the other hand, many Ohio businesses were hesitant to hire New Americans due to a lack of familiarity with their unique talents and skills.

Recognizing this problem, OEA was created to act as a supportive bridge between these two groups. This innovative business model has proven highly successful in Vermont, where the owners of OEA also operate the Burlington Employment Agency (BEA). BEA has successfully placed approximately 100 workers per day with over a dozen companies in four counties across Vermont.

At OEA, we believe that every individual has the potential to contribute to the success of their community and the economy at large. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive support system that connects Ohio businesses with a diverse pool of talented and motivated New American workers. Contact us today to learn more about how OEA can help your business thrive.

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